Understanding Skin Care.

Hey SKN babes!!!!!!! I’m back! Today we are talking skin care and boy can this get confusing!  You see a product on the shelf, it’s in the most beauuuuutiful packaging you have ever seen. You have already mentally imagined what it will look like in your bathroom and to top it off your fav celebrity is telling you they use it!!  OMG twins. I’m about to burst your bubble. Remember I have been doing this for 8 years and still I see myself in certain shops drawn to these pretty bottles that say they will fix my pigmentation and turn me into a hydrated GODDESS. I have to slap my hand and say NO Rachel!  So firstly, understanding the difference.


Cosmetics are the products that you will find extremely accessible. You can pick them up from any supermarket, big department stores or even some salons. They will generally have no active ingredients or if they do they aren’t even close to the scientific proven levels needed, or in the correct delivery system to be able to change the skin in anyway. Which basically means you have spent money on a cream which is going to mix together with your dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin and will do absolutely nothing! Oh, except glue your dead cells back onto your face.  But Girl it looks damn good in your bathroom…. Amiright!? This is because it’s all about marketing. These big companies know what makes us tick. They are all over us like a rash, and because there is no scientific proven levels or decent ingredients they can also put their price point down massively and sell them like hot cakes. Not fair!

Self diagnosing

Now who doesn’t love to self diagnose. Its easy, we are ALL ‘experts’ and boy does google know its stuff, With Instagram influencers, Facebook and after-pay making our lives a whole lot easier, it’s so easy to be sucked in. Just because something worked for one person or they are getting payed to promote certain products, doesn’t mean it is going to work for you.

So please, if you are looking for a new skin regime or have a concern, talk to a skin specialist and book in for a consult. During a consult we will look at your skin. We wont type what you tell us into google. We will use our hands to feel the texture of the skin then we will turn the lights down and have a look under our special light, This is called a Woods Lamp. This shows us everything that is happening underneath the skin. Because its not always as simple as just looking at it!  We will make you feel comfortable, explain to you why a certain product is right for you and how it is going to work on the skin. You need to understand your skin too.


Cosmeceuticals must have active ingredients and they need to have the scientifically proven levels of concentration. They must also be in a delivery system that ensures the active ingredients can travel through the skin correctly.  A big thing that can sometimes be overlooked is the quality of the ingredients.  E.g. do you want the piece of fruit that is old, bruised and a bit mouldy? Or do you want the fruit that is big, juicy and in its prime? This is the difference in quality of ingredients sourced. This why we have chosen O Cosmedics and DMK. With years of working with these products we have seen incredible changes in client’s skin, They use ingredients that mimic our skins own natural function, improving it and restoring it. They also offer a lot of education and support and are forever moving forward with the times and technology.

You will find these products and products like these in skin boutiques, (like us) skin clinics, paramedical clinics and different specialist salons. However, there are so many other incredible brands out there that will also get you the results that you crave.  Just do your research, give us a bell or seek the advice of another Skin Clinician.

What to expect

First thing you will notice is the price difference. Yes, it is sometimes going to cost you more money for a cosmeceutical than a cosmetic product. However some cosmetics are priced significantly higher than active Cosmedical products. This again is all marketing and branding. You will use half as much product to get the desired effect with a Cosmedical Product and get much more out of it!  Not to mention it is jam packed full of goodness that is going to benefit your skin. Depending on what we are trying to fix, different products will be prescribed from skin to skin.  Sometimes we aren’t really trying to fix anything we just want to take care of our skin as a preventative. Prevention is better than cure, so don’t leave it until you have a concern to start taking care of your skin, we can prescribe a beautiful maintenance routine to make you feel FAB! Or if you are really serious we can introduce some incredible boosters that will get your skin moving in the right directions at a much faster rate and also allows us to perform more intense treatments in salon.

Now It’s not always sunshine and rainbows straight away when you start using products with active ingredients. They are making your skin WORK like it has never worked before and sometimes the skin can get a little confused. This can lead to Redness, dryness, flaking but THIS IS NOT A REACTION! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A REACTION!!! I can completely understand why you may feel this way. This is what we call a response. This is happening because, like I said before, we have made our skin work. You are pushing everything up to the surface at a much quicker rate and its freaking out!!!! Expect it to be worse before it gets better. This will generally only last a week or 2 and doesn’t happen with everyone. We are all different. Work in different environments and do different things on the weekend and our skin is going through it all with us. I’m also not saying you cannot have a reaction. You can be allergic to anything at any time. Some people are allergic to lemon some are not! Some people are allergic to dogs some are not! It’s just that simple.

Treat your skin like the organ it is. It has been put on the outside because it is resilient, but it needs to be taken care of the same way you take care of your insides. You only get one skin, be good to it!  you will never look back I promise.





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